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With last week's release of Rizzoli's new book, Bunny Yeager's Darkroom: Pinup Photography's Golden Era, Katrina Darling (Kate Middleton's more risque cousin and pinup artist) on the cover of Playboy this month and peplum silhouettes popping up in every shop, I am totally inspired by pinup girl style these days! When channeling Bettie Page - Queen of the Pinups - you must start with the beginning of your routine.

As soon as you get out of the shower, moisturize. Next, break out your best lingerie - Elle Macpherson Intimates is my fav. Once you have on your skivvies, it is time for tights. Pinups don't do control-top tights, ladies, so step it up with stay-ups (little secret: stay-ups are actually MUCH more comfortable than regular tights.) Then, it's time for a little shapewear. Set your Spanx aside for a moment and slip into something a little more retro, Resultwear. Step into your heels and get ready for part two.

This is perhaps the most important part of your pinup routine: put your make-up and favorite perfume on in your lingerie. Do you think Marilyn Monroe got ready in a ratty old t-shirt? Didn't think so. Use matte foundation, pale/nude-toned shadows, pink blush, tight line your lashes with black liner (obsessed at the moment with Stila's black liquid-liner). Hold the lipstick for a moment.

Finally, zip yourself into your most feminine dress. Add one sparkley jewel and finish your look with matte red lipstick. Voila, you are ready for your big meeting or even a hot date!

If you missed the Barney's Warehouse Sale (like I, you are getting a second chance to spend all of your hard-earned-dollars irresponsibly(ish). The Row - the super luxe line by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - is hosting it's second sample sale ever.

The first sale lasted like three hours before all of the merchandise was sold out so get there early and get in line (behind me.) I'm personally hoping to see some leather pants, pencil skirts and peplum jackets.

See you there:
Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St. (close to 8th Ave.)

Thursday thru Saturday (9/20-9/22): 9am-6:30pm Sunday (9/23): 9am-5pm
As the lights dimmed for Tuesday's Naeem Khan show, I was delighted to find not only the glitz and glam gowns that I was anxiously anticipating, but also a new collection of daywear and separates!

The collection was inspired by exotic gardens, fiery sunsets and the Arabian Sea - themes which were translated both literally and figuratively through the prints and incredible ornamentation.

A favorite gown from the collection - the beading is gorgeous and I definitely am going to take this as affirmation that I can wear a crown on a pretty regular basis.

I especially loved the Duchess of Windsor theme. I could totally imagine that Wallis Simpson would have traveled in the rose-printed trench coat, packed her trunks with the RTW pieces and danced all night in the flowing organza gowns.

I can't wait to see the daywear hit Bergdorfs in the Spring - the pieces are feminine and smart with Naeem-worthy detailing. I am personally going to be all over the floral drop-waist skirt and jacket (above) for the office.

Now if I find myself on a red carpet, I absolutely adore the ball gown styles featuring incredible beading and metalwork on the bodices with long, flowing organza skirts.

See full video of the show here.
At this point, who can even predict what’s in store for the future of manicures? It seems that nail art has reached the absolute height of creativity, with all the textures, designer talons, and 3-D sculptures. I’m still waiting to try out my dream manicure of “mirror nails” – so helpful for checking your teeth after a meal and fixing flyaways – but I’m kind of hoping for the return to simpler times, when the aftermath of a trip to the nail salon was just a shiny manicure in a single, great color.

I work at the uptown location of Tenoverten, NYC’s chicest salon, where the focus is on “bringing back the simple pleasure of getting a manicure,” according to co-owners Adair Ilyinsky and Nadine Ferber, in the most natural, organic way possible, meaning no UV gels, acrylics, or dryers. Customers can, and do, still get fun designs, but the majority of women opt for classic-looking nails. The colors seeing the most action right now are the universally-flattering corals and reds of the RGB line, as well as Tenoverten’s own perfect shade of pale pink, Jane. Come cooler weather, I predict we’ll be seeing a lot of manicures in Essie’s new Stylenomics, a deep green, and “greige,” the fashion world’s new term for the hybrid of gray and beige.

I’m currently obsessed with using a sponge to create either a splatter or gilded tip on my nails. It’s unexpected, idiot-proof, and professional enough even for a conservative office, if you choose the right colors. I recommend getting a salon manicure to ensure an even base, and when you get sick of the color or the polish chips, cut a sponge to fit the shape of your nail, paint the sponge with a color that complements the base (Butter London ‘Wallis’ is my favorite to accent with), and dab away. Add more colors for a splatter effect all over, or just stick to the upper half with one for an ombré look. Trust me, it looks cool no matter how sloppy you may think your technique is.

Kimmy and I are both excited to try out polka-dotted nails, as seen on the Kate Spade runway, but choosing the right colors is key here, as polka dots can easily look kiddy.

Lastly, I love the idea of painting an evil eye (blue circle with black dot in the center) on just one nail of an otherwise solid manicure.

Now tell me - are you over the nail art mania? Do you have a dream design? Are you a neurotic nail biter with ragged cuticles like I am?

Neiman Marcus and Target along with 24 notable American designers will be launching a special collection of 50+ pieces available for the holidays. Prices will range from $7.99 to $499.99. The collection hits BOTH Neiman Marcus and Target stores on December 1st.

I know what you are wondering...which designers!? To name a few...Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa and Diane von Furstenberg. Former collaborators like Proenza Schouler and Rogan will also be returning for round two! The group will be creating womenswear, menswear, accessories and even home decor items.

I know what the first fifty items on my Christmas list will be! I know its a bit early but...Dear Santa...