Inspiration: Pinup Girl Style

With last week's release of Rizzoli's new book, Bunny Yeager's Darkroom: Pinup Photography's Golden Era, Katrina Darling (Kate Middleton's more risque cousin and pinup artist) on the cover of Playboy this month and peplum silhouettes popping up in every shop, I am totally inspired by pinup girl style these days! When channeling Bettie Page - Queen of the Pinups - you must start with the beginning of your routine.

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Vintage travel poster.
Every time you set foot into the airport these days, you are basically accosted by "security" - shoes off, step in the box, take off your jacket ("actually sir this is technically a blazer and it's part of this outfit."), jewelry off, cosmetics in a lunch baggie (um I know this moisturizer is a little big, but it's very special and it doesn't come in travel size.) By the time I am through security, I am so exhausted I don't even want to check out "duty free" shopping.